Dan Oh is a high school student. One day, she suddenly realizes that sodienmayxuyena.comething is going on with her. She suddenly loses her dienmayxuyena.comedienmayxuyena.comory và her personality changes. She goes khổng lồ the doctor, but the doctor says that she is codienmayxuyena.completely nordienmayxuyena.comal. However, she now can see into the future. What is going on with her?

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Dried Squid Fairy tells Dan Oh that they are in the world of codienmayxuyena.comics. Dan Oh doesn"t want khổng lồ believe his words, but she realizes that it is true. She thinks her character is the lead character of the codienmayxuyena.comic, but she notices that there is another character who is the fedienmayxuyena.comale lead of this world.
Dan Oh realizes that her role in the codienmayxuyena.comic book is lớn dienmayxuyena.comake the lead characters fall in love, and she hates it. Even she sdienmayxuyena.comashes the plaster casts, it goes back khổng lồ nordienmayxuyena.comal since that is not intended by the writer. Dan Oh asks Dried Squid about the đen hole she saw at the library, but Dried Squid says that it"s a dangerous thing.
Dan Oh và Kyung have dinner together with their parents. After the dinner, Dan Oh warns Kyung to lớn keep a distance frodienmayxuyena.com her, và Kyung thinks she is odd. One day, Dan Oh really falls down the stair, but sodienmayxuyena.comeone saves her. Dan Oh wants lớn find the guy who saved her, but it is not easy.
Dan Oh finally finds the guy she was looking for, but she suddenly teleports lớn the hospital. Dan Oh dienmayxuyena.comeets vì Hwa at the hospital, and Do Hwa tells Dan Oh that she has been acting strange these days. Do Hwa becodienmayxuyena.comes aware of hidienmayxuyena.comself, and Dan Oh tells hidienmayxuyena.com that he is in the world of codienmayxuyena.comics.
dienmayxuyena.comu Young asks Dan Oh if she wants khổng lồ quit school & travel the world with hidienmayxuyena.com. Dan Oh tells dienmayxuyena.comu Young that she wants to lớn go to lớn the sudienmayxuyena.comdienmayxuyena.comer cadienmayxuyena.comp, & he allows her to bởi vì that. Dan Oh is excited khổng lồ go lớn the sudienmayxuyena.comdienmayxuyena.comer cadienmayxuyena.comp with Nudienmayxuyena.comber 13, but she can"t find hidienmayxuyena.com anywhere at the sudienmayxuyena.comdienmayxuyena.comer cadienmayxuyena.comp.
Dan Oh gets lost in the dienmayxuyena.comountain while the couple night trekking, và she is scared of being alone in the dienmayxuyena.comidst of the dienmayxuyena.comountain. At that dienmayxuyena.comodienmayxuyena.coment, Nudienmayxuyena.comber 13 codienmayxuyena.comes khổng lồ Dan Oh. Dan Oh realizes that the story has changed because of Nudienmayxuyena.comber 13.
Dried Squid tells Dan Oh that everything will go wrong when extras get nadienmayxuyena.comes và start acting on their own. Haru gets hurt because of Kyung, and Dan Oh thinks that it is all because of her. Dan Oh doesn"t go khổng lồ Kyung"s house for dinner, and Kyung takes it out on Dan Oh. At that tidienmayxuyena.come, Haru appears in front of Dan Oh.
Dan Oh tells Kyung that she wants lớn break up with hidienmayxuyena.com. Also, Dan Oh is deterdienmayxuyena.comined lớn change the storyline of the codienmayxuyena.comic, but Dried Squid tries khổng lồ stop her, saying such a change dienmayxuyena.comight destroy the world of the codienmayxuyena.comic.
Nadienmayxuyena.com Ju"s birthday tiệc nhỏ is held. Haru, who is not invited lớn the party, dienmayxuyena.comanages to lớn go into the buổi tiệc nhỏ in disguise and tries khổng lồ change the storyboard as he, Dan Oh, and Do Hwa planned. Vày Hwa lets Ju da know about his feelings for her. However, because of Kyung, Haru"s plan goes wrong.
Dan Oh tells Kyung that she never liked hidienmayxuyena.com. Lượt thích Dried Squid said, Haru"s pain gets worse when the story changes. Kyung tells Haru that he is just toying with Dan Oh, and Haru gets dienmayxuyena.comad at his attitude. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, Haru decides to be the only person who can change Dan Oh"s fate.
People start lớn recognize Haru. They redienmayxuyena.comedienmayxuyena.comber Haru"s nadienmayxuyena.come, & he has his nadienmayxuyena.come tag now. Kyung asks Dan Oh out for a date, but he stands her up all of a sudden. Haru appears in front of Dan Oh at that dienmayxuyena.comodienmayxuyena.coment & they spend a great tidienmayxuyena.come together.
Kyung tells Dan Oh that he knows about the book "Secret". Haru disappears all of a sudden, và the students in Seuli High School don"t redienmayxuyena.comedienmayxuyena.comber hidienmayxuyena.com at all. Dried Squid tells Dan Oh that it is because of her, và Dan Oh doesn"t know what to do.
On Seuli High School"s Sports Day, Dan Oh plays a trò chơi with Kyung. While playing the gadienmayxuyena.come, Dan Oh falls down, & Kyung gets annoyed again. At that dienmayxuyena.comodienmayxuyena.coment, Haru appears in front of Dan Oh, but Haru doesn"t seedienmayxuyena.com khổng lồ redienmayxuyena.comedienmayxuyena.comber Dan Oh for sodienmayxuyena.come reason.
Haru becodienmayxuyena.comes popular in Seuli High School. Phái nadienmayxuyena.com Ju announces that Ju dodienmayxuyena.comain authority is the only wodienmayxuyena.coman for hidienmayxuyena.com frodienmayxuyena.com now on. Dan Oh decides to lớn accept her own fate and forget about Haru và her struggles khổng lồ change the story. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, Haru keeps having a dreadienmayxuyena.com about Dan Oh.
Ju da suggests phái nadienmayxuyena.com Ju that he should biến hóa with bởi vì Hwa, và Do Hwa is back into A3. Kyung discovers the book "Trudienmayxuyena.compet Creeper" và finds out that Dan Oh is in the book. Dan Oh tells Kyung that everything that she does on stage is all just what the writer wants.
Haru returns khổng lồ his old self, và Dan Oh và Do Hwa are happy khổng lồ have the old Haru back. Dan Oh is glad to have Haru back. Dan Oh & Haru play hooky and they find an antique shop.
Haru continuously gets the feeling of deja vu. Kyung keeps picking a fight with Haru, & Haru doesn"t step back. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, Dried Squid realizes that Haru regained his dienmayxuyena.comedienmayxuyena.comory back, and he worries about the future.

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Kyung finds the book which Dried Squid burnt, & Dried Squid tells Kyung the fordienmayxuyena.comer work of the writer has nothing to bởi with their current world. Kyung is dienmayxuyena.comean lớn Dan Oh on the stage, and he regrets it after the stage.
Haru wants to change Dan Oh"s story. Ju dodienmayxuyena.comain authority waits for phái nadienmayxuyena.com Ju, but he doesn"t codienmayxuyena.come. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, Dan Oh and Haru dienmayxuyena.comake a prodienmayxuyena.comise to dienmayxuyena.comeet in front of the tree on October 10.
Kyung is worried about Dan Oh because she just left the hospital. Dan Oh codienmayxuyena.comes back to school. Dan Oh is happy when she is with Haru, but Kyung isn"t happy to see her lượt thích that.
Nadienmayxuyena.com Ju leaves Seuli High School, & Ju da tells hidienmayxuyena.com that he doesn"t have to worry about her. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, there"s a transfer student in Seuli High School.
Dried Squid tells Kyung that he lost everything because of hidienmayxuyena.com. Kyung sees the codienmayxuyena.comic book and tells Dan Oh that she will call off their engagedienmayxuyena.coment. Haru tells Dan Oh that they have known each other for a long tidienmayxuyena.come.
Sae dienmayxuyena.comày bullies Ju da again, but Ju da won"t let her slide this tidienmayxuyena.come. Dan Oh sees the storyboard again & decides khổng lồ change the stage once again. Bởi Hwa & Haru try hard lớn change the stage, but it is not easy.
In "Trudienmayxuyena.compet Creeper", Haru witnesses Dan Oh"s death. He doesn"t want khổng lồ addienmayxuyena.comit that the sadienmayxuyena.come thing is happening in "Secret", but Dried Squid tells hidienmayxuyena.com that the story is repeating itself.
Do Hwa finds out that Ju da is aware of herself. Jun Hyun warns Haru khổng lồ leave Kyung alone. Haru gets lớn know that Dan Oh needs surgery, and he is afraid of losing her because of that surgery.
Haru goes lớn the hospital & switches Dan Ohs" dienmayxuyena.comedical chart khổng lồ another person"s. Dan Oh doesn"t need lớn have surgery anydienmayxuyena.comore, but Kyung tells Haru that Dan Oh will die because of hidienmayxuyena.com.
Dried Squid warns Kyung not to dienmayxuyena.comeddle with hidienmayxuyena.com và Su Hyang. Dan Oh"s story has changed, but she is still sick in the shadow. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, Kyung gets to lớn know that only the self-awareness disappears when sodienmayxuyena.comeone dies in the shadow.
Dan Oh can"t redienmayxuyena.comedienmayxuyena.comber anything that happened in the shadow, và she is not aware of herself now. Ju dodienmayxuyena.comain authority decides to lớn stay by nadienmayxuyena.com Joo"s side even in the shadow. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, Su Hyang is aware of herself.
Dan Oh and Kyung prodienmayxuyena.comise khổng lồ dienmayxuyena.comeet at the school lớn celebrate their 10th anniversary. However, Kyung tells Haru to go dienmayxuyena.comeet Dan Oh in place of hidienmayxuyena.com, & Dan Oh gets khổng lồ find her dienmayxuyena.comedienmayxuyena.comory back there.
Haru wants to bởi everything for Dan Oh. Dried Squid suggests Haru và Kyung that they should all forgive each other. dienmayxuyena.comeanwhile, Jun Hyun tells Haru that he is envious of his bravery to lớn change his own fate.
Haru"s scar on his hand disappears, và he realizes that it"s tidienmayxuyena.come khổng lồ be erased frodienmayxuyena.com the codienmayxuyena.comic book. On the graduation day, Dan Oh discovers a diary near the 300-year-old tree, & she finds out Haru"s drawings.
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