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The Truth Behind Moon Chae-won và Song Joong-ki’s Relationship

Moon Chae-won và Song Joong-ki acted together in the drama “The Innocent Man”, or as it’s also known “Nice Guy”, và after that, they were suspected khổng lồ be in a relationship. Some of the drama’s fans thought that they were more than just friends after seeing the behind-the-scenes clips from “The Innocent Man”.

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So, what is an actual relationship between Chae-won & Joong-ki? Let’s discuss it!

Moon Chae-won Felt Comfortable Working with Song Joong-ki


In an interview, Moon Chae-won revealed that she felt comfortable working with Song Joong-ki. She said that Joong-ki is a year older than she is, and she thinks it will be okay if she considers she and Joong-ki as same-age-colleagues. The fact that they’re around the same age is one of the reasons she felt comfortable working together.

Song Joong-ki Is Sweet to lớn Moon Chae-won


The picture above shows Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won in a dressing room, where they’re laughing & looking happy. An online community uploaded the picture above sầu and two other pictures under the title “Song Joong Ki patting Moon Chae Won on her head… so cute”.


The other pictures showed Song Joong-ki caressing Moon Chae Won’s head while they were looking to each other. There was also a picture where Joong-ki put his h& under Chae-won’s chin. They both looked so dễ thương và adorable. They made some fans jealous, & there was even one netizen who replied, “Joong-ki, you’re a bad boy!” khổng lồ that picture.

Song Joong-ki’s sweet manner is probably is another reason why Chae-won felt comfortable working with Joong-ki.

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So, what vị you think, guys? Do you think that they had a special relationship in the past?

The Legendary Chaeki Couple


Because of Song Joong-ki & Moon Chae-won’s chemistry in the drama “The Innocent Man”, many fans dubbed them ‘Chaeki Couple’, combining CHAE-won & Joong-KI. In that drama, Song Joong Ki played Kang Ma-roo, while Moon Chae Won played Seo Eun-gi.

The characters’ story in the drama made many fans get carried away by the situation. Kang Ma-roo initially only approached Seo Eun-gi khổng lồ take revenge on Han Jae-hee (Park Si-yeon), but over time, Kang Ma-roo really fell in love sầu with Seo Eun-gi.

Eun-gi finally knows why Kang Ma Roo approached her & crashed her car inkhổng lồ Kang Ma-roo’s. Kang Ma-roo was seriously hurt because of that, & Eun-gi lost her memory. The love và revenge relationship between the two made many fans cry.

Song Joong-ki once said in an interview whether he is in a relationship or not, that he would enjoy dating in secret. So, we can’t know for sure if Song Joong-ki & Moon Chae-won were dating in the past, but, as we know, Song Joong-ki finally tied the knot with Song Hye-ko.

For the Chaeki Couple supporters, let’s tư vấn Joong-ki ‘s actual relationship with Song Hye-kyo!