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----------------------------------------Damn...Pudding's true nature and her gun is scary. I feel kinda bad for Sanji here since the person he thought Pudding would be is nothing lượt thích what he hoped for. My respect for Brooke also grew a bit this chapter.

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Pudding is such a bitch! Although I have lớn admit those faces she made were brilliant! Sanji's face destroyed me. Brook is actually trying to lớn fight Big Mom! Poor guy can't win this...Jinbei is back! So much yes!
It's painful khổng lồ see Sanji in that state... Hope Pudding wil get what she deserves. Good to lớn see Jinbei again!!!
Pudding is a straight savage và a master manipulator. I felt sorry for Sanji, 2 years in Okama-land, bleeding profusely, gets his heart broken by family again, & gets tricked into this marraige. I swear the build up crazy.Also, brook taking on Big Mom?!!! HOW DOES HE STAND UP SOUL vs SOUL. Baron Corpse has lớn be shaking in his bones for this fight.Jinbe you mf! From SH Alliance to lớn BM Alliance và possibly back to lớn SH Alliance again.. Maybe crew member soon... GOD Bless this chapter và the year 2016 for One Piece.
Liked the chapter.Sanji cannot catch a break from his emotional torture.But Pudding's imitations were priceless.I really liked Brook's determination during his fight with Big Mom,but he's on a pinch.And yay Jinbei is back & saves Luffy and Nami!But I have two complaints about this chapter.Firstly,Jinbei looks perfectly ok since he has his legs,arms & eyes,but I guess this will be explained in the next chapter.Secondly,what's the point of Pudding kidnapping Reiju & reveal everything only to lớn steal her memories(her devil fruit power) after that?
Okay can I just say is, Rejiu is a better sibling khổng lồ Sanji than Sanji is to lớn her, I mean she freed him all those years ago, & helped him escape, and saved Luffy's life, & when she is trouble, what Sanji just stands there dumb founded. Bởi vì something, help your sister dam it, I know your heart is broken, but come on bởi something, you don't even have to hit the girl if you don't want to, just bởi vì something. Just show up & tell them lớn let her go, don't forget Sanji you have your own power, just threaten khổng lồ kill yourself, remember they you need alive until the wedding, have you forgotten about that, I am starting lớn wonder does Sanji even care about Reijiu at all. Carrot continues to be awesome, I tell you she has to join the crew. And looks like we have hit our low for despair, now time to make a counter attack. Jimbei is here at last, time to show us what why you made a good addition khổng lồ the crew.