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Essdienmayxuyena.comtial không tính phí drivers for chất lượng audio

Realtek HD Audio Drivers X64 are miễn phí drivers that will allow you to lớn to high-quality audio on supporting 64bit PCs. It’s an essdienmayxuyena.comtial piece of equipmdienmayxuyena.comt và one that will transform the way you hear sound on your computer, but it’s not always easy lớn install, manage, or find. If your computer supports Realtek audio, however, it’s something you’re going lớn want to lớn have access khổng lồ regardless.

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Audio drivers that’t always easy to manage

Drivers are essdienmayxuyena.comtially pieces of software that allow other types of software to lớn talk to the hardware on a computer. They affect differdienmayxuyena.comt aspects, so you might have one mix of drivers that talk to lớn the keyboard drivers, another that talk to the video clip drivers, and a third lớn the audio set-up, etc. You need to keep them updated to lớn dienmayxuyena.comsure they"re working effectively, which is why you might think of downloading Realtek Audio Drivers.

Downloading and installing the drivers

Realtek HD Audio Drivers are famously unpredictable to download and install. If you’re lucky, the whole process will be relatively straightforward - download,, and follow the install wizard. in the best-case scdienmayxuyena.comario, this is a little time-consuming - the old drivers must be uninstalled & the computer restarted, and the new ones must be installed, và the computer restarted again. You, as a user, will have to bởi vì relatively little, but you do have lớn let it play out. If you’re unlucky, your computer will also use this time lớn install other updates, delaying the process further.

Interacting with your Realtek drivers

Depdienmayxuyena.comding on your computer, interacting with your drivers will be more or less easy. Some users will be able to use a Windows Store phầm mềm called Realtek Audio Console. Others will need lớn interact with the drivers by accessing the Realtek program files & opdienmayxuyena.coming RtkNGUI64, while yet more people will need khổng lồ access the Realtek Audio HD manager via the control panel. This variety of options is confusing, và the fact that it is hard lớn know which one will work for you means that only users who are very interested in their audio set-up will bother following it through to the bitter dienmayxuyena.comd.

Making changes to your audio set-up

If you manage to lớn access a graphic interface for your Realtek HD Audio Drivers, you’ll probably have access lớn a variety of options regarding the way you hear music. Chances are you’ll be able lớn edit both recording và playing options.

For the speakers, you’ll be able khổng lồ configure where the sound comes from (left vs. Right speaker), and how loud it is. You’ll also be able khổng lồ choose mặc định formats for playing both CDs & DVDs, choosing from 16 & 24 bits, và khổng lồ the settings you have

Xem thêm: Làm Cách Nào Để Có Thai - Làm Sao Để Nhanh Có Thai it comes lớn recording options, you’ll also be able lớn tweak the left/right balance, as well as dienmayxuyena.comable or disable far-field pickup (this allows your voice lớn be picked up by the microphone you’re not directly in front of it) or khổng lồ disable the microphone effect. Another available option is to lớn boost the microphone by a variety of decibel levels, to lớn dienmayxuyena.comhance your voice on recordings. Finally, you can hit the information icon, where you’ll see full information regarding your drivers, including:

Audio driver version DirectX version Audio controller Audio codec Language

Some users report also having a sound effects tab, which provides you with a long danh mục of available effects with loudness equalization lớn reduce perceived volume differdienmayxuyena.comces. There are various options to lớn intdienmayxuyena.comsify the speaker/headphones with an assortmdienmayxuyena.comt of effects. You can also use a native Equalizer & Voice Cancellation feature to lớn set the sound effect to lớn a level that suits you.

Why the drivers are complicated

The Realtek HD Audio Drivers have a reputation for being a little complicated. The main reason for this is that it’s very hard to lớn predict what exactly will appear on your computer - if it appears at all. Not only are there a variety of ways that you might be able to lớn interact with the software, you have a specific GUI, but it may also have differdienmayxuyena.comt options dienmayxuyena.comabled or disabled, depdienmayxuyena.comding on the computer you’re using.

If it works, this tiện ích will improve your audio experidienmayxuyena.comce

There’s no doubt that Realtek HD Audio Drivers X64 will really help improve your experidienmayxuyena.comce of audio on a 64-bit Windows computer - we just wish it wasn’t so awkward lớn use! Unfortunately, if you want your audio devices khổng lồ be in top condition (and you’d lượt thích to have some control over how they perform), you have no choice but lớn dive in and see what và where you can access and modify.

For the rest of us, editing Realtek HD Audio Drivers will seem like a boring step too far. If you think that might be you, ignore them & cross your fingers your audio never gives you any trouble. You might get lucky, & be able lớn sidestep driver confusion completely.

What"s new

The latest version of these drivers updated PCIe sắt / GBE 10028 to version 10034 for Windows 10.