What is custom binary blocked by frp lock and how to fix


Many-a-times we vày not wish lớn feed in our tương tác details, especially our phone number to lớn create a email Account. Some people fear the possibility of getting hacked & others are not comfortable with sharing their phone numbers due to lớn privacy issues. The task then seems impossible because at any given point of time you will be prompted to give your phone number along with other details to successfully set up your account.

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Nonetheless, it is possible khổng lồ bypass the email Phone verification step while creating your Google Account. The methods listed in this article are very useful lớn bypass tin nhắn phone verification on your PC and Android phone as well. You will also learn about how to make a Gmail trương mục without giving your real phone number.

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Part 1: Make a Gmail trương mục without Giving the Real Phone Number

Making a Gmail trương mục without giving the real phone number might seem like an impossible task because Google will time và again prompt you to feed your phone number và that too, a real one.


Yes, Google will recognize a fake/incorrect phone number & immediately ask you to lớn verify it.


Nevertheless, BlueStucks player is one such software that helps to lớn bypass the tin nhắn Phone verification step on the computer và enables us khổng lồ make an account without a real phone number. It requires 2GB space on RAM to lớn function normally và is itself a 320MB emulator, giving you the feel of using a native apk on your computer. Please chú ý that avoiding the phone number verification step on an Android-based điện thoại is not a difficult task và hence can be skipped easily without the help of such third-party software.

The most recent BluStucks player version no longer supports such tasks but other ways can help you.

Part 2: How to Bypass gmail Phone Verification on PC for PC Users

It is easy khổng lồ bypass tin nhắn phone verification on the PC. The process does not take much of your time and creates your account without a real phone number. Follow the instruction given below to make a gmail ID và Password without your phone number on the computer.

Run Google Chrome on the computer and wait for its main window khổng lồ open.

Now navigate lớn its “Settings” and select the “Sign in to Chrome” option as shown in the screenshot below.


Note: if you are already logged in, vì chưng not forget to lớn log out first.

You will now see the “Sign in lớn Chrome” window open up on the computer’s screen. Here you are required to lớn select “More” and then choose “Create new Account”.


Finally, the signup page will mở cửa where you can feed in your full name, date of birth, và other details before clicking "Next".

Now type in a suitable username and password. Confirm the password if need be and then hit “Next”.

You will not see a window khổng lồ feed in your liên hệ number. Here, hit “Skip”.

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Finally, agree khổng lồ the terms & conditions by clicking on a small box và your Gmail tài khoản will be created without a phone number.

You may also bypass email Phone verification while setting up an tài khoản for your game android phone. Want to know how? Keep reading!

Part 3: How khổng lồ Bypass gmail Phone Verification on game android Mobile Phone For Phone Users

Many of us use app android smartphones and prefer keeping a Gmail account to backup all our data on khổng lồ it. If you are looking for ways khổng lồ bypass email phone verification on your phone, here is what you need. Given below are two ways that will help you:

1. Via apk Settings

This method is suitable for apk phone users who wish to lớn create an trương mục but bypass the tin nhắn phone verification step. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below:

Visit “Settings” on your game android phone and scroll down to select “Accounts” in the “General” option.


Now select “Add Account” option và from the các mục that opens before you, choose “Google Account” & move ahead.


You will now see the “Add your account” screen. Here you are required khổng lồ select “Or create a new account”.


Fill in your details correctly and hit “Next” as shown in the screenshot below.


You will now be required lớn type in a suitable username for logging in in the future. Do so và hit “Next”.


In this step, you will be asked lớn create a strong password. Follow the instruction on the screen to vị so before hitting “Next”.


Finally, the “Add phone number” screen will appear. Here, vị not enter your liên hệ details & simply hit “Skip”.


Select “I Agree” on the next window that opens before you khổng lồ successfully create your tin nhắn ID & Password without a phone number.


2. Via Google Sign up Page

This method can also be regarded as a technique khổng lồ befool Google by feeding in an incorrect date of birth. All you need to vì chưng is:

Visit the Google Sign Up website page on the Chrome browser.

Now feed in all your details accurately until you reach the DOB field.

Herein, submit your date of birth as 15 or younger to lớn give the impression that you are too young khổng lồ own a phone.


Now hit “Next Step” & follow the instructions on the screen to lớn set your trương mục without feeding in your phone number.

Simple, isn"t it? These were a few ways khổng lồ bypass email phone verification on your PC and Android phone.

It is not impossible lớn create a Gmail trương mục without a phone number. All you need to vị is follow the steps given above khổng lồ bypass gmail phone verification & your Gmail trương mục will be ready in no time. Please remember lớn register a recovery email ID after you have created an account without verifying your tương tác number to lớn not get any prompts to bởi vì so in the future. So what are you waiting for? Simply, use these tips lớn avoid submitting your phone number to try lớn make a new gmail ID and Password today!